Why Choose a Member of the Graduate Realtor Institute?


My GRI is to your Advantage!

You Have Found the "Walls" you deserve is a tag line I use on most of my printed materials. To me, this motto means that you deserve a full-time agent who is knowledgeable about the Oakland/Wayne County real estate market, one who has made the investment of both time and money to earn the GRI (Graduate of the REALTORS Institute) designation, and ASHI and Builders courses, and one who has established good working relationships with other REALTORS.

That is why I have worked so hard at keeping my skills up to date. I continue to take courses and seminars to keep me on top of what is happening in financing, negotiation skills, marketing, advertising, fair housing, buyer''s agency, etc.

Because you deserve the best, I will work to see that your home-buying or home-selling experience is as easy and hassle-free as it can be and that your transaction is handled in a professional manner.


  • A GRI has received one of the most comprehensive training programs available today to REALTORS? in the nation.
  • A GRI has additional knowledge of real estate marketing and has acquired skills that sets them apart from other REALTORS.
  • In todays competitive business environment a REALTOR needs more than just motivation and initiative to succeed. A GRI has the advantage of the education received in the GRI program.
  • The GRI program is continually refined to provide entry-level and experienced REALTORS with the information that will help them succeed in today''s market.
  • A GRI is knowledgeable in many aspects of Real Estate that allows them to overcome obstacles that can jeopardize a transaction.
  • A GRI has access to a large base of referrals.
  • A GRI has demonstrated his/her commitment to professionalism in the real estate industry.